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So, I went to see “No Country For Old Men” tonight. Didn’t love it. Javier Bardem was amazing. Creepy as hell, but amazing. Totally deserved the Oscar. Tommy Lee Jones was great. Really everyone was great. The casting was just perfect. The dialogue was interesting. And there were scenes that were great (and a bit bloody), but overall, it kind of fell apart in the second half. I’m told by a friend who read the book that the movie very closely follows the book – too closely in fact – and that’s its downfall. But by the end, there were scenes that seemed totally superfluous, and by the very end you’re kind of scratching your head and saying “that’s it?” We weren’t alone in thinking that. A lot of people left feeling a bit underwhelmed. Still, I didn’t hate it. And the acting really was excellent. But this definitely wasn’t the movie of the year, to me at least. Anybody else see it?

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