O’Hanlon disengenuous on Iraq, Episode 58,204

Michael O’Hanlon, surge shill and general embarrassment to foreign policy professionals everywhere, outdoes himself in the pages of the New York Times (William Kristol! David Brooks! Mike O’Hanlon! Your favorites from the “liberal” New York Times!) with his conclusions-without-evidence op-ed about how Iraq’s political situation is doing just fine

I’d say more, but my colleague Ilan Goldenberg gets it exactly right. Including:

Here’s the best thing about this. There is no way to refute it because his scoring isn’t up anywhere. It’s not in the Iraq Index and the closest thing he has is an A, B, C grading system from a month and a half ago. So, five out of eleven it is because that’s what Mike O’Hanlon tells me it is.

Go read.

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