McCain stands with his Catholic bashing supporter. What is that good Catholic boy Tim Russert going to do?

Another major scandal brewing for John McCain. This week, the GOP nominee got endorsed by a vehement anti-Catholic — and doesn’t seem to think it’s that big of a deal.

Where’s Tim Russert now? He sure made a big deal about Farrakhan with Obama during the debate the other night. And, Russert is never shy about discussing his Catholic roots.

Jane Hamsher has more details — including a reaction from Bill Donohue, the wild man who runs the Catholic League, obtained by Glenn Greenwald. The outrage transcends politics. Jane thinks there is only one solution for Russert:

It’s significant that this is not a partisan issue, both sides of the political spectrum are in agreement that McCain should be forced to account for this. Even the National Review is applauding Glenn Greenwald’s efforts on this front.

It’s going to be hard for Russert to garner an audience to address this matter that is quite as big as he did in a Presidential debate, so I’m going to make a suggestion here that I never thought I would…

(*sharp intake of breath*)

…he needs to have Bill Donohue on Meet the Press.

Fair is fair, right?

Jane is right.

This should be all the talk at Catholic churches around the country this weekend, like Blessed Sacrament parish here in DC. That’s where Russert, Chris Matthews and lots of other political-types go to mass. Chances are their fellow Catholics won’t appreciate the Church being called “the great whore” by a leading McCain supporter — who McCain refuses to denounce and reject.

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