Lynn Sweet: On the disclosure front, “Clinton has every liability in front of her”

I like Lynn Sweet who writes for the Chicago Sun-Times. Years ago, in a former job, I used to interact with her quite often. She’s tough, but fair. She’s been very tough on Obama over the Rezko issue. In fact, in a post at Huffington, Rod McCullom gave a list of the ten things Obama could do to win Pennsylvania. Number 4 was:

Please Return Lynn Sweet’s Phone Calls. Put Rezko behind the campaign and (finally) grant an interview with the Sun-Times reporter. ‘Nuff said.

Given Clinton’s formidable endorsements, Obama can’t win Pennsylvania anyway, but, on Friday, Obama did just that. He spent time at the Chicago Sun-Times answering questions about Rezko. Sweet seemed satisfied:

In making the effort to get potentially crippling matters behind him and to move on, Obama is now freer than before to go after Clinton’s lapses on the ethics and disclosure fronts.

Clinton has declined to release even the last year of her income tax returns, and Obama has. Clinton has not been able to expedite the release of her first lady records from the Clinton presidential library. Clinton has not made public her earmark — or pet project — spending requests for any of her time in the Senate, and Obama has. Obama has revealed a bit more information about his fund-raising “bundlers” than Clinton. The donors who bankroll Bill Clinton’s library and foundation are not public.

With showdown primaries ahead — and debates April 16 in Pennsylvania and April 19 in North Carolina — Clinton has every liability in front of her.

We’re waiting.

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