Hillary: If Obama doesn’t win every single primary on Tuesday, and win big, he’s a loser

The Clinton campaign is now saying that if Obama doesn’t win every single primary/caucus this coming Tuesday with a decisive victory, then he’s lost big. Forget the fact that if she doesn’t win 65% of the delegates in both Ohio and Texas, it’s actually over for her – the math says she simply can’t win the nomination without that margin of victory. What’s really disturbing here is that the Clinton campaign is making it clear that if Obama doesn’t win Texas, Ohio, Vermont and Rhode Island on Tuesday, and by a huge margin, Hillary plans on staying in the race for the long haul, even if Tuesday is the coup de grace to her campaign. Yes, it sucks to lose, but once you’ve lost it’s better to get out than take us all down with you. This race is getting far too bitter. I see it in our own readers – it went from friendly competition to a death match about 4 weeks ago. If Hillary doesn’t get her 65% of delegates in Ohio and Texas on Tuesday, she needs to accept that she lost, and quit the race. If she doesn’t, then I suspect the negative attacks that are going to be making news next week won’t be Hillary’s at all. They’re going to be from the rest of the party demanding that she concede.

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