Former Air Force Chief of Staff criticizes Clinton’s “McCarthyite” tactics against Obama

AP would have you believe that General McPeak was just an Obama “aide.” In fact, he’s the former Chief of Staff for the entire Air Force. Even better, he’s a Republican who served for nearly 2 years as Bill Clinton’s Air Force Chief of Staff. He’s also a co-chair of Obama’s presidential campaign, but for AP to refer to him as an “Obama aide” hardly does the man justice. This isn’t some kid we’re talking about. And McPeak was none too pleased with Bill Clinton’s comments last night suggesting that Obama wasn’t “patriotic.” Then again, the Associated Press did just publish a rather large and embarrassing article about how Hillary was often in the White House while Bill Clinton was asking Monica for oral sex, so it’s understandable why the Clinton campaign is now trying to change the subject. I suspect that come the fall, were Hillary our nominee, the Republicans will be talking about Monica and Bill’s sex life 24/7. And trying to call John McCain unpatriotic in order to stop the Monica sex talk just isn’t going to cut it. The Clintons need to explain to the superdelegates and the country how they’re going deal with the Monica problem come the fall. It’s not a nice topic, but it’s one that’s going to come up, early and often, and as Hillary always reminds us, it’s better to vet the scandals now so we can see how well our candidates will truly do against the Republicans. So, let’s vet.

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