Clinton/Lieberman spinmeister Lanny Davis lays out the next attack on Obama

UDPATE 10:46 PM: The fear factor/electability strategy was confirmed by the Clinton campaign in the New York Times:

Mrs. Clinton’s advisers said they had spent recent days making the case to wavering superdelegates that Mr. Obama’s association with Mr. Wright would doom their party in the general election.

That argument could be Mrs. Clinton’s last hope for winning this contest.

So desperate.


Yesterday, Barack Obama delivered one of the best speeches in modern political history. When asked about Hillary Clinton’s respond, Howard Wolfson told reporters, “She thought it was a good speech.” Classy.

We also hear via various reporters, that Team Clinton won’t go near the Rev. Wright issue. But, that’s not true. Lanny Davis, one of the most loathesome Hillary spinmeisters, has an insidious post up at Huffington challenging the Obama speech.

Davis is a constant presence on cable news for Clinton — just like he was for Joe Lieberman (and for Bill Clinton back in the late nineties). He knows the Clinton campaign talking points. He knows the impact his words will have because of his long and close relationship with the Clintons. He knows the Republicans will use his arguments. This wasn’t some off-the-cuff quote, it was a deliberately written blog post. It is written in the style of the quintessential concern troll. Davis liked the Obama speech, he writes, but, you know, there are “questions.”

Apparently, some of Clinton’s surrogates are allowed to attack the Obama speech and his relationship with Rev. Wright after all. What a surprise, huh? And, as noted, Davis has questions for Obama, two questions actually. His concern also raises questions for Davis himself: Who put him up to writing this Huffington Post piece? and Who came up with the two questions? There’s no way anyone this close to the Clinton campaign would just spontaneously do something like that post.

More importantly, the Davis post is part of the Clinton’s last ditch effort to destroy the Obama nomination. They want Democrats (i.e. superdelegates) to think Obama can’t be elected in November. Now that Michigan and Florida re-votes aren’t happening, “electability” is the final card in the Clinton deck. And, it’s a fear factor card. You’ll hear it a lot over the next couple days and weeks. But ignore the concern trolls like Davis. And, don’t kid yourself: The Republicans want to face Hillary. But, the GOPers are clever enough to play along with the Lanny Davis/Clinton strategy if it means damaging Obama. That’s something the Clinton campaign and the Republicans have in common.

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