A few shots around Athens (and a wee bit of Paris too)

Taking a break from politics. Had a number of interviews with the local papers in Athens, to talk about blogs in the US (I think), and attended my cousin’s international relations class at the university, which was interesting. It’s amazing how Athens has changed over the years. There are so many cool neighborhoods. Trendier than anything I’ve seen in DC, and on a par with NYC, if not far cooler. Just amazing. Having said that, only 15% of the population has Internet access (10% have broadband), per a study from last year (so it may be a bit higher now). So they still have a ways to go. Anyway, a few cool pics of Athens I thought I’d share:

Actually, this post is a few days old. I got into Paris last night and am working from Chris and Joelle’s apartment. I had to snap a shot of the cheese shop next door. They were giving a cheese lesson, which was cute enough, but to top it off, the instructor was wearing a beret. :-)

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