You all voted for Obama, but the Superdelegates put Hillary in the lead

It’s happening. Obama has the most delegates by virtue of your votes, our citizens. But Hillary has the lead in total delegates, 783-709. How is that possible? Because of a bunch of Democratic party officials got together and decided that they prefer Hillary, so they gave her the lead in spite of the fact that you, the voters, gave Obama the lead.

Who says Republicans are the only ones who know how to steal elections?

As we’ve explained before, in addition to the delegates each candidate wins based upon how well they do in each state, each state’s Senators, Members of the House, Governor and certain Democratic National Committee officials are their own delegates and they get to vote too. But they don’t get to vote like you get to vote. No. They’re already delegates, and they get to choose who they throw their delegate vote behind. So what happens is that so far in this race Obama is ahead. But Hillary has a lead in Superdelegates over Obama, 2-1. Those Superdelegates – i.e., party officials that have nothing to do with your vote – have decided to give Hillary the lead in spite of your vote. How do you like that?

Now, if Hillary ends up having the lead in delegates but Obama wins anyway by getting most of the Superdelegates I’ll be just as upset. This is no way to pick a president; a bunch of mostly-white mostly-rich mostly-men getting together and deciding if we’re smart enough to pick our own candidate. If either candidate has fewer “real” delegates than their opponent, but wins by virtue of their Superdelegates, I think you’re going to see a civil war. Imagine what will happen in the black community if a bunch of white Democrats are perceived to have taken the election away from the first black presidential nominee? Imagine how they’re going to feel towards the Democratic party in the future? And for that matter, imagine how Hillary voters are going to feel towards Obama if she wins the real delegates but he wins by virtue of the Superdelegates?

Our system is a joke. They ought to split the Superdelegates now, 50-50 and be done with it.

PS Similar story if Florida’s and Michigan’s delegates are suddenly reinstated. Those delegates are gone, the candidates didn’t campaign in those states, if those delegates are reinstated it is nothing short of an effort to steal the election. The only way you could reinstate Florida’s and Michigan’s delegates would be to set up caucuses in those states, let the candidates campaign for real, and then have the caucuses decide the delegates. That way you have a real campaign for votes and not some retroactive effort to throw the election by pretending we had a real election in Florida and Michigan when we did not.

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