Senate Stimulus bill fails by one vote. John McCain was absent.

Today, the Senate’s effort to pass the stimulus bill failed to break the GOP filibuster by one vote. One Senator missed the vote. That would be the GOP’s front runner, John McCain, who admits the economy isn’t his strong suit. Clinton and Obama showed up to vote for the stimulus package. McCain couldn’t be bothered:

Despite their return from the campaign trail, Democrats fell one vote shy of the 60 votes they needed to bring forward their preferred economic stimulus bill.

Sen. John McCain (Ariz.), the frontrunner for the Republican nomination, missed the vote.

Bush screwed up the economy. McCain wants to carry the mantle of Bush. That’s all we need to know.

Harry Reid had some words for McCain and his GOP colleagues:

It is incredible that not even nine Republicans would join us to strengthen our weakening economy by helping those who need it most. Given a chance to act as a recession looms, more than 40 Republicans today said no to helping 20 million seniors and no to 250,000 disabled veterans. They said no to those who have lost their jobs and no to small business that are suffering in the Bush economy. They said no to helping American families pay their heating bill and avoid foreclosure.

Screwing the economy, screwing disabled Vets, screwing seniors…McCain already is a Bush clone.

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