Reader feedback about Ralph Nader

AMERICAblog reader John writes:

You let Nader off the hook a bit when you mentioned about what has he been doing over the past four years? it should be noted prominently as to what has he been doing over the past SEVEN YEARS!!!!!

For someone who made a name for himself as a consumer advocate he’s done nothing NOTHING (!!!!!!!) since the calendar year of 2001 and bush was inaugurated.

If he was so concerned about problems in the political world then why does he only come around at election time and help enable the right hold power?

At least Kucinich went about things in a proper manner. Tried to win the nomination or, and I’d like to think this was more on his mind, influence the discussion.

I mean, Nader used to take on all the corporations and he’s done freekin’ NOTHING!!!

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