Shell posts record profit – $3 million per minute

Who needs an energy plan when Shell and Exxon already have one for us? We need more government by special interests, for special interests. Big Oil will continue to give lip service to alternative energies and place pretty flowers on their adverts but they will never, ever make a serious move beyond oil. Shell just posted the largest profit ever in the UK to the tune of $27.6 billion for 2007. How’d it work for you?

Instead of spending trillions to make a mess of the Middle East, isn’t it time we spend some of that on building a long term energy plan? The GOP has no faith in the American ability to create something new and better but that should not stop others from moving down that path. Instead of giving tax breaks and free drilling rights to Big Oil, let’s use that money to help launch the energy programs of the future. Some of the new ideas may not work and others will but anyone who doesn’t believe in such possibilities really needs to step aside.

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