New Hampshire Results – Hillary holding the lead (anyone else feel like Florida?)

65% Reporting – Clinton ahead by 5092
Clinton 39%
Obama 36%
Edwards 17%

UPDATE: 10:27PM. Hotline reports that the exit polls today showed a 39%-39% tie between Hillary and Obama.

UPDATE: 10:00 PM. Joe and I were discussing this, and a reader wrote in with the same analysis: If Hillary wins this, first, it’s a huge victory for her. But. And the but is important. The debate will be as to how Obama had a double-digit lead coming into today and suddenly lost in a matter of hours? We suspect there will be two schools of thought – either Hillary won because New Hampshire is racist, or she won because she cried. Either way, not a great message. Having said that, if she wins, she wins, and it’s a win she desperately needed, so it’s still a good thing.

All polling places are closed. McCain wins the Republican race. Still too close to call on the Democratic side. Univ of NH and Dartmouth have yet to report in. Being university areas, Obama could do well.

New Hampshire Primary — Republican
President – GOP Primary
New Hampshire – 61 of 301 Precincts Reporting – 20%
Name Party Votes Vote %
McCain , John GOP 13,347 37%
Romney , Mitt GOP 9,985 28%
Huckabee , Mike GOP 4,362 12%
Giuliani , Rudy GOP 3,280 9%
Paul , Ron GOP 3,074 9%
Total Write-ins GOP 878 2%
Thompson , Fred GOP 487 1%
Hunter , Duncan GOP 206 1%
Keyes , Alan GOP 30 0%
Marchuk , Stephen GOP 18 0%
Tancredo , Tom GOP 12 0%

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