More on Obama’s possible NH surge from the Wash Post

From Chris Cillizza:

It’s important, however, to caution that an abrupt surge in the polls should be taken with a grain of salt. Voters could well have been energized and enthused by Obama’s win in Iowa last Thursday night and got swept up in the excitement of the past couple of days of campaigning here, but they may reconsider that support before Tuesday’s primary. Unlike in years past, however, there is so little time between the votes in Iowa and New Hampshire that even a temporary bounce could be enough to carry Obama to victory in the primary, a win that would be another major step forward in his quest for the nomination.

Joe and I are thinking of doing a podcast tomorrow about NH and what it means for the future of the various campaigns. We’ll obviously be writing about it too tomorrow, but we can fit a lot more into a podcast, and I think do it in a way that’s also more interesting.

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