Members of Congress and governors could throw the Dem nomination for Hillary or Obama

As you know, the Democratic nomination is going to be decided by how many delegates each candidate has. And as you also know, candidates win delegates by winning state primaries and caucuses (or at least placing in those states that don’t award all the delegates to the top candidate). Well, what you may not have known is that your vote may have nothing to do with who actually wins the Democratic nomination in August. That’s because a number of “superdelgates” exist and they have nothing to do with how you vote. They are senators, House members, governors, and every elected member of the DNC, who are appointed as delegates automatically – they’re called superdelegates – and they can vote for whomever they want. Keith Olbermann did a segment on this the other day and found the following:

Hillary’s total delegates from the primaries and caucuses: 36
Obama’s total from the same: 38

Hillary’s total Superdelegates: 210-236 (depending)
Obama’s total Superdelegates: 136-154 (depending)

Olbermann explains that there are 797 Superdelegates. A candidate needs 2,025 delegates to win at a convention. And that means that 39% of the delegates that a candidate needs to win are these superdelegates. Thus a candidate could win the Democratic nomination even if he/she lost the vote in the states. That means that our members of Congress and governors may throw the election. How’s that strike you?

Just imagine if Obama wins but the big (white) boys in Congress throw the election for Hillary. What do you think the black community is going to do then? Do you really think they’re going to vote Democratic in the fall? Fat chance if we steal their candidate. And same thing goes for Hillary, what if she wins the primaries but loses because of the superdelegates – how many of you Hillary supporters are going to be out there stumping for the guy who stole the election away from your candidate?

Even better, the Democrats came up with the idea of superdelegates to ensure that you, the voters, didn’t end up picking anybody too crazy. This way the party could overrule your vote. Seriously. That’s why they have superdelegates, expressly so they can overrule your vote just in case they don’t like who the public voted for.

This is a super mess. And it’s one more indication of how screwed up our electoral process is in this country.

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