Edwards blasts Obama over anti-Clinton ad

Hmmm… interesting dynamic. Edwards last night blasted Obama over an ad that the pro-Obama culinary union in Nevada is running on Spanish-language radio. Edwards usually teams up with Obama against Clinton. This is an interesting switch. Here is the text of the ad, then Edwards’ response:

UNITE HERE Negative Ad
(Translation from Spanish)
Hillary Clinton does not respect our people. Hillary Clinton supporters went to court to prevent working people to vote this Saturday – that is an embarrassment.
Hillary Clinton supporters want to prevent people from voting in their workplace on Saturday. This is unforgivable. Hillary Clinton is shameless. Hillary Clinton should not allow her friends to attack our people’s right to vote this Saturday. This is unforgivable; there’s no respect

Sen. Obama is defending our right to vote. Sen. Obama wants our votes. He respects our votes, our community, and our people.

Sen. Obama’s campaign slogan is “Si Se Puede” (“Yes We Can”). Vote for a president that respects us, and that respects our right to vote. Obama for president, “Si Se Puede” (“Yes We Can”).

Paid for by UNITE HERE Campaign Committee

Edwards’ response and my reaction after the jump… Here is Edwards’ response to the ad:

During a “Get Out the Caucus” rally in Las Vegas today, John Edwards made the following statement calling on Senator Obama to denounce the UNITE HERE radio ads.

“Just a few days ago, on a stage where all three of us were participating in the debate, there was a discussion of putting behind us and stopping the race politics that had been going on for a few days before that between Senator Clinton and Senator Obama. And everyone pledged that this kind of divisive politics that divides the Democratic Party and could divide America would come to an end.

“Senator Obama made that pledge. I was sitting five feet from him when I heard him say it. And now it turns out that in the last twenty-four hours, there’s a radio ad that’s being run—a malicious radio ad attacking Senator Clinton. That is exactly that kind of divisive politics. It’s being run right here in Las Vegas.

“I denounce it. This kind of ad, I don’t care who’s doing it—in this case it’s Senator Obama’s supporters—but this sort of thing needs to stop. And from what I’ve seen, Senator Obama has not said a single word about this. Nothing…when two days ago, three days ago, he sat on a stage in front of America and said this kind of politics had no place in America. That is divides America. It divides the Democratic Party. And he denounced it. Well, now it’s happening…by his supporters…right here in this campaign twenty-four hours before the caucuses. And what I have to say is he should speak up. If he really means what he says—and this is not just talk—he should speak up and denounce this kind of divisive politics. It is not what the Democratic Party needs. It is not what America needs. And let me say this very clearly, vis-a-vis Senator Obama, I will not divide America. I will unite America.”

This is quite interesting. For the longest time Edwards has been teaming up with Obama, and blasting Clinton. Now he’s teaming up with Clinton and blasting Obama. Even more ironic, Edwards is blasting Obama over an ad that, while nasty, is basically correct. (And for added irony, Obama demanded that Edwards take down some 3rd party ads in Iowa – Obama may now be regretting his assertion (which is, I think, correct) that candidates can influence such ads.) Clinton’s surrogates have been trying to make it harder for workers of the state culinary union to vote, and per Bill Clinton’s TV interview the other day, the Clinton campaign is on the side of those trying to block the union members. Again, to me what’s most interesting is that Edwards is blasting Clinton. To some degree, Edwards is trying very hard to be relevant, and to pose himself as the true “adult” in the race. Whether it will work is another question.

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