Bush says he’ll veto 30-day extension of FISA

Well, now we get to see whether Senator Reid has bigger balls than George Bush. I like Senator Reid, we haven’t been nearly as critical of him as some, but at this point, I’d like to see some leadership. I’d like to see someone who is actually smarter, and tougher, than George Bush. That isn’t asking for much. But we have yet to see it. If Bush wants to endanger the war on terror with a stroke of his pen, why is it so hard to understand that he will be the one paying the price. He lies and lies and blusters and lies. And all the Democrats do is cave. The Democrats aren’t just sending the message that all you have to do is yell “Osama!” and they’ll cave. Democrats are also sending the message that they aren’t willing to stick up for themselves, ever. And as someone said to me about John Kerry right before the November 2004 election: If he isn’t willing to defend himself, how is he going to defend my kids? The Democrats are defining themselves as their worst stereotype: weak-kneed wimps. And in a time of war, let alone most other times, people don’t vote for wimps.

Here is more on Bush now threatening a veto. And here is Senator Reid’s response he just issued:

The White House threat to veto a short extension of the Protect America Act is shamefully irresponsible. The President is simply posturing in advance of Monday’s State of the Union address.

When it comes to providing a strong long-term Foreign Intelligence Surveillance bill, Democrats in Congress are focused on solutions, while Republicans are obviously playing politics.

The House has already passed a FISA bill, and the Senate was ready to pass its own bill until Republicans blocked all amendments. At the same time, Democrats are ready to extend current law for as long as necessary, but Republicans are blocking that extension and the White House is threatening a veto.

It is shenanigans like this that make Americans so eager for change. We hope the American public will remember these Republican stunts when they go to the polling booth this November.

In any event, current law ensures that no ongoing collection activity will be cut off on February 1. There will be no terrorism intelligence collection gap. But if there is any problem, the blame will clearly and unequivocally fall where it belongs: on President Bush and his allies in Congress.

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