Republicans help keep junk food in schools

Besides delivering the pork to wealthy farmers in GOP south (they need help about as much as Halliburton) the new farm bill protects another GOP special interest, the junk food industry. Heaven forbid we modernize school nutrition standards which have not changed since 1979. America’s collective weight gain problem has noticeably spiked during this period of time. The industrial food/chemical industry has also made strides in delivering strange chemical concoctions (olestra, apartame, hydrogenated oils and other goodies) to foods during this time as well.

While this was a great win for the GOP and their friends, American children will pay the price. This is of course the same GOP who never stops talking about protecting human life, though you would never know it by their disgraceful actions. This will only lead to more health care problems and costs down the road for everyone. Protecting GOP special interests, yes. Protecting America’s kids, no. It’s all just SOP for the Republicans.

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