Mom: ‘Carol Sue Would Be Alive Today’ If Not for Huckabee

From ABC:

Huckabee recently told CNN, “None of us could’ve predicted what Dumond could’ve done when he got out.”

It’s Bush and the levees all over again. No one could have predicted. Yeah, no one could have predicted that a convicted rapist who mauled a 17 year old high school student would then turn around and maul another woman after he was let out of prison early as a result of Huckabee’s intervention. And now Huckabee is trying to cover up the entire affair. This story isn’t going away. And I’m sure we can expect mom to be starring in many a TV commercial, and doing many a talk show. And when the right-wing noise machine starts attacking mom, like they did the first girl this monster raped, then we’ll see whose side Mike Huckabee is really on.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I don’t think Huckabee thought the man would rape again. I just think that Huckabee didn’t care if the man would rape again. Huckabee was more interested in anti-Bill-Clinton conspiracy theories, the fact that the first womant he man raped was a distant Clinton relative, than he was the danger of putting a convicted rapist back on the street. Huckabee tried to take a cheap shot at Bill Clinton through his raped cousin and a woman is dead as a result. Did Huckabee want her dead? No. But are we really to believe that he’s surprised that a convicted rapist who didn’t do his time then raped (and murdered) again? Oh please.

(And can I just say “kudos” to ABC’s Brian Ross for quoting something on CNN. I don’t think I’ve ever seen one network reference another, or at least very rarely. That was good of him, and very Internet-y.)

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