Huckabee wants to take America “back to Christ”

Funny, I don’t recall America ever being in, on, around, or about Christ. There are lots of us Christians here in America. But taking America “back to Christ”? What does that mean? And where does that leave America’s Jews, Muslims, and other non-Christians? I suppose they’re welcome to stay like guest-workers, or maybe we should call them “guest Christians.” Huckabee is a creep. The man thinks that AIDS may be caused by casual contact – you know, like toilet seats and doorknobs and handshakes and sneezing, I suppose. We do know one way AIDS can be spread – through rape. But Huckabee doesn’t have as much of a problem with rapists as he does Jews and gays and others whose only crime is to be different from Mike Huckabee, America’s number one Christian. You’ll recall that Huckabee recently told America that God wanted him to be number one in the polls. Then Huckabee used Jesus in a TV commercial. The man isn’t running for president, he’s running for preacher. And lest any Christians out there there be fooled by Huckabee’s “aw shucks” Christianity, the man is a Southern Baptist. Southern Baptists think Catholics worship Satan – they quite literally think the Pope is an agent of Satan. Southern Baptists don’t think Catholics are Christians. If Catholics, or any other non-Baptists out there, think Huckabee is a good Christian, I’ve got news for you. Huckabee’s religion thinks you’re not a good Christian – hell Huckabee’s religion says you’re not a Christian at all. So if you think he’s going to be in favor of policies that push your Christian world view, you’re in for a big surprise. The only world view he’s pushing is one that doesn’t include you.

Not to mention, has Huckabee been asked about this “Catholics worshipping a Satanic counterfeit” issue? I mean, the man keeps invoking Christ. I think we have a right to know just what his religious beliefs are.

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