Huckabee in August 2007: I felt sorry for rapist

No, sir, you don’t feel sorry for a man who raped a 17 year old high school girl and numerous other women before that. That’s not “Christian,” that’s crazy. And it’s not the notion of justice or wisdom that America looks for in a president.

From the conservative National Review Online:

Last August, Huckabee told me he had his doubts about Dumond’s guilt, and also felt sorry for him over the castration attack. On September 20, just weeks after taking office, Huckabee announced that he intended to set Dumond free, saying that there were “serious questions as to the legitimacy of his guilt.” On October 31, Huckabee met with the parole board. Not long after, the board voted to free Dumond, but on the condition he move to another state. Huckabee was pleased, in part because — given that the board had voted to free Dumond — there was no need for Huckabee to commute the sentence or pardon him. So Huckabee denied Dumond’s now-irrelevant pardon application while at the same time congratulating him on his soon-to-come freedom. “Dear Wayne,” Huckabee wrote in a letter to Dumond. “My desire is that you be released from prison. I feel that parole is the best way for your reintroduction to society to take place.”…..

A political storm erupted [after the man raped and murdered two more women]. Huckabee sought cover by saying that all he had done was to deny Dumond’s pardon application. But some Democrats [NOTE FROM JOHN: That’s a lie, see next note] claimed that Huckabee had pressured the parole board to free Dumond. What actually happened between Huckabee and the board remains unclear to this day [NOTE FROM JOHN: That’s flat-out wrong – 4 of the 5 parole board members say that Huckabee met with them to support the rapist getting paroled, the 5th isn’t talking], but there is no doubt that Huckabee wanted Wayne Dumond set free. And today, he knows he was terribly wrong, but he still defends his actions. “My only official action was to deny his clemency,” Huckabee told me in Iowa. [NOTE FROM JOHN: Again, that’s a lie. Huckabee met with the parole board, as governor, to plead for this man’s parole.] As we talked, Huckabee spread the blame around, not only to Tucker, who originally commuted Dumond’s sentence, but to Bill Clinton as well. “Tucker could not have done that without Clinton’s full knowledge and approval,” Huckabee said.

Oh yeah, it’s Bill Clinton’s fault. Uh huh. Considering that’s how Huckabee got into this mess, by doing the bidding of Clinton-haters who didnt’ want to believe that a cousin of Bill Clinton was really raped, it does Huckabee no favors to be now proving that he’s a member of the blame-Clinton posse, more interested in bashing Clinton than looking after the welfare of rape victims.

Yet another pass-the-buck Republican presidency, that’s all America needs.

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