FOX News declares WAR on Christmas

Reader melpaige alerted me to the fact that FOX News, which led the war on the “war on Christmas” last year, is now apparently leading its own war on the war on the war on Christmas. According to Google, FOX uses the word “holiday” 1,000 times on their Web site. Holiday is PC (pagan code) for “Christmas.” So why would FOX lead the charge against the ubiquitous word “holiday” and then use it themselves all over the place? Could it be that FOX is simply a propaganda network and not a real news network?

There are so many references to HOLIDAY on the FOX site that I had to shrink the first hundred really really small just to fit them in this post comfortably. You can click the miniscule image to the left to see the first 100 references, i.e., only 10% of the damage that FOX has done to Santa’s PC-clogged arteries).

(Beyond the jump, proof that O’Reilly’s own “Christmas Shop” is selling “holiday” gifts!)

UPDATE: Well, you’ll never guess what I found in Bill O’Reilly’s “Christmas shop.” A “holiday” gift. Not a Christmas gift, but a “holiday” gift. Maybe O’Reilly declared victory in the war on Christmas a bit too soon.

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