Romney: Muslims need not apply in his government

This is classic “Romney the hypocrite” in action. Religion for Mitt only matters when it’s someone else’s religion. He doesn’t think it’s important to include a Muslim in his administration because they just don’t amount to any significant population in the US. While their population is admittedly small, how can any serious presidential candidate not find such inclusion a positive idea considering where we are today? Is it really that horrible that we – gasp! – include a representative who can broaden our horizons and provide feedback on reaching out to this community both at home and abroad?

I asked Mr. Romney whether he would consider including qualified Americans of the Islamic faith in his cabinet as advisers on national security matters, given his position that “jihadism” is the principal foreign policy threat facing America today. He answered, “…based on the numbers of American Muslims [as a percentage] in our population, I cannot see that a cabinet position would be justified. But of course, I would imagine that Muslims could serve at lower levels of my administration.”

Romney, whose Mormon faith has become the subject of heated debate in Republican caucuses, wants America to be blind to his religious beliefs and judge him on merit instead. Yet he seems to accept excluding Muslims because of their religion, claiming they’re too much of a minority for a post in high-level policymaking. More ironic, that Islamic heritage is what qualifies them to best engage America’s Arab and Muslim communities and to help deter Islamist threats.

Well, as long as they can carry Mitt’s bags or perhaps sweep a floor or two. This is all quite interesting coming from a guy who belongs to a faith that barely represents 2% of the population, compared to the 1% in America who are Muslims. Are we really doing that well with our existing Muslim outreach programs that we can afford to exclude Muslims from senior positions in the next administration? Yes, he’s the guy who cries “foul” when anyone discusses his Mormon faith (that he can’t stop talking about) but he doesn’t mind making a bigoted remark about Muslims. During our so-called war on terror, no less. How insulting, careless and downright offensive.

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