Republican Senators kill Iraq funding bill

Why do they hate our troops?

Here’s what just happened on the Senate floor. As you know, the House passed its version of the Iraq funding bill a few days ago, providing Bush $50 billion for the war but with serious strings attached. The bill then moved over to the Senate side and before it could come up for a vote, GOP Senate leader Mitch McConnell tried to bring up his version of the Iraq funding bill, which contained $70 billion for the war, no strings attached. McConnell didn’t even consult with Senate Democratic leader Harry Reid about this, which is considered rather rude in the Senate. Democrats objected to McConnell’s bill. Anyway, Reid responded by trying to bring up his Iraq bill for a vote, basically the same bill that passed the House. Republicans objected to Reid’s bill. The objections meant that each bill would need 60 votes (out of 100 total senators) in order to even be brought up for debate. Both votes failed to get 60 votes. McConnell’s vote was 45 to 53. Reid’s vote was 53 to 45.

So in a nutshell, the Democrats were ready to give George Bush $50 billion for Iraq today and the Republicans killed it because they don’t want to provide any oversight whatsoever. The Republicans think the war in Iraq is going great, and to prove it they just took $50 billion away from our troops.

The Republicans own this war. Remember that in one year when we’re still in Iraq, we still haven’t won, and the Republicans are still telling us that we need yet another six months to finally show progress.

UPDATE: The details of who voted what will be posted here, the McConnell vote is already up, it’s vote # 00410.

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