Republican operative’s wife attacks Oh, she’s also CNN’s new anchor Campbell Brown

Jonathan Klein, the President of CNN, has got himself yet another biased reporter.

The wife of Dan Senor, who served as a spokesperson for Bush in Iraq, is now working for CNN. Normally, who a reporter’s spouse is wouldn’t and shouldn’t matter. And, it wouldn’t if Campbell Brown didn’t show an obvious bias. Last night, in her first week on the job, she attacked MoveOn:

During the November 28 CNN special Campaign Killers: Why Do Negative Ads Work?, CNN anchor Campbell Brown said: “General David Petraeus made his reputation taking on insurgents in Iraq. But when he came to Capitol Hill in September, he was confronted by American insurgents, a liberal anti-war group called”

Seriously, comparing MoveOn to insurgents is beyond the pale. That is such an obviously loaded term. Campbell Brown showed a clear bias, plain and simple.

Actually, Campbell, if you want to know what real insurgents are, ask your husband and his colleagues who let the insurgency grow in Iraq under their watch. He even still has his White House web page touting that gig.

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