American Family Association still selling video promoting HIV+ “ex-gay” who since was accused of having gay unsafe-sex orgies

Note to our friends in the media: The religious right groups lie. Do not quote them unless they prove what they’re telling you, because they lie. The American Family Association, one of the largest, and most extreme, religious right groups is selling a video promoting the notion that you can “cure” gays. The guy on the cover of the video? Michael Johnston, an HIV+ man who claimed he was “cured” of being gay, but then was accused by numerous witnesses of having unsafe sex with other men at gay orgies. (The religious right groups subsequently admitted that Johnston had fallen.) You’d think having unsafe gay orgy sex while HIV+ would be a deal-breaker for serving as a spokesman of the “I was cured of my homosexuality” movement. But not with this crowd. The American Family Association is still hocking Johnston’s face right there on the cover of their video.

At least it’s good to know that Larry Craig will have a place to go after he leaves the Senate. I mean, what’s a little gay bathroom sex compared to this?

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