About that Trent Lott rumor

There’s a story out there in the blogosphere, by Big Head DC, a blog I don’t remember ever hearing of until today – a blog that has had a credibility problem in the past – about why GOP Senator and former Senate Republican leader Trent Lott is resigning. Because of that blog’s past credibility problem, I’m not going to repeat the rumor about Lott here. You can find it all over the Net, if you like, and the fact that it’s everywhere at this point made me less worried about somehow covertly pushing the story by even mentioning it obliquely here.

I will say this. When we published the story about far-right GOP White House reporter Jeff Gannon (aka James Guckert) being a male hooker we took four full days to confirm the story before publishing what we had. And maybe Big Head DC did the same in verifying their story – though, a friend of mine, who prefers to be known as “the BluEyeJew,” alerted me to the fact that the sole source quoted for the story is now saying the entire story is a lie and made up of “falsely pieced-together quotes that serve no purpose other than to sensationalize a completely fabricated scoop.”

I just don’t like publishing stories that are that serious without being damn sure of my sources, or at least damn sure about the source I’m linking to. Earlier this year when Joe.My.God broke the Matt Sanchez story (the GOP gay-porn star who used to be loved by Hannity and the rest until we found out that he was a gay-porn star), I didn’t link to the story for days because I just wasn’t convinced that the story was true. In the end, Joe was right, and kudos to him for that, and we did link eventually. But that doesn’t change the fact that the evidence I was seeing when the story first came out just didn’t convince me – it seemed to me that there were still some potential holes in the story, and that doubt was enough for me to give Sanchez the benefit of the doubt, until proven otherwise.

With the past credibility problem of the Trent Lott blogger today, and now the outright blanket denial from the sole source, the same logic applies. I’m just not convinced. I’d love to be convinced, believe me. And trust me, there have been rumors for years about Trent Lott. But until I hear more, you’re not going to read about those rumors here.

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