House committee passes ENDA, 27-21

This is a historic vote (this is the GLB ENDA, the one we actually have the votes for, the one we’ve been working on for 30 years). All Republican amendments were defeated. Four Dems sided with Pat Robertson and the men at the Concerned Women for America and voted no (including Kucinich, Holt, Clark and Sanchez – ostensibly because they feel we should hold 25 million gays and lesbians hostage until America is ready to pass civil rights laws for somewhere between tens of thousands and a few hundred thousand transgender people), and three Rs voted yes (Castle, Biggert and Platts). I have written down that Kuhl (a Republican) voted yes, but need to double check that.

PS I’m just wondering why IGLHRC hates transgender people? I don’t see gender identity mentioned anywhere in IGLHRC’s action alert – it’s all sexual orientation. Or is it okay to exclude transgender people when fighting for gay rights abroad but not at home? I assume the NGLTF and its allies will be coming down as hard on IGLHRC as they have on HRC. And let’s hope no states or cities are working on any bill that deals with sexual orientation and not gender identity, because if you are, you’re hateful rich white misogynistic bigots who must be destroyed. If anyone knows of any local initiatives that fit this bill, do let me know.

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