Super-rich Republican financier, Mellon Scaife’s, messy messy divorce papers now online

What has become of our family values?

The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette carried details last week of the rather messy divorce involving rival publisher, and conservative funder, Richard Mellon Scaife. Now attorneys for Scaife have filed court papers demanding the paper return documents related to the divorce.

The Post-Gazette has responded by not only denying that but posting multiple links on its Web site to the available documents, while removing some personal or financial details…..

The Post-Gazette pointed out this his “attempt to make court documents inaccessible is unusual for the head of a news organization. Historically, newspapers and television stations have fought for greater rather than more restricted access. In fact, Mr. Scaife’s Tribune-Review joined other organizations in seeking to unseal the estate records of the late Sen. John Heinz during the presidential campaign of Sen. John F. Kerry, who is married to Sen. Heinz’s widow, Teresa.”

The paper had reported that Scaife’s wife was to get over $750,000 a month in payments and that a huge dispute continued — over a dog, including “dognapping” charges.

Ruh roh…

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