Republicans are passing small rectangular sun-dried objects

CROWLEY: . . .One key congressional aide that told me today, if the situation has not improved for Republicans come spring, then what looks like a very bad year for Republicans will become even worse. [CNN, Situation Room, 9/13/07]

JOHN ROBERTS, CNN ANCHOR: He’s really trying to win over some queasy Republicans who you will remember a couple months ago were thinking about siding with the Democrats in terms of setting a timetable for troop withdrawal. [CNN, 9/13/07]

. . . . But in fact, most of his audience and most of his popularity now really is — the speech really is aimed towards Republicans. [CNN, from CNN NEWSROOM, 9/13/07]

some of those Republicans had been placated by what General Petraeus and Ambassador Crocker said earlier this week.

But they’re still not really happy. They need something better than that to take to their constituents because there is a growing sense in this country that this war was not worth it, that the U.S. should get out as soon as it can. [CNN, 9/13/07]

DAVID GERGEN, FORMER PRESIDENTIAL ADVISER: Well, Chris, if that`s what the president does tonight, as Tim Russert has reported here, that`s going to cause a storm. You know, he will not have Democratic support, and I think many Republicans will abandon him on that. And you know, it`s one thing and it`s bad enough this President`s going to leave a mess in Iraq and probably Iran, it`s unbelievable that he would also try to make a long- term commitment to a country that basically hardly exists. [CNN, 9/13/07]

You know, the security pact in Korea was one to defend South Korea from an invasion from the north. This kind of long-term security pact looks more like we`re going to try to just prevent chaos within Iraq… [MSNBC HARDBALL, 9/13/07]

CNN JOHN JOHNS: “So the pressure is on the small group of Republican moderates — what, nine to about a dozen Republican moderates. Some whom have expressed some concerns about what’s going on in Iraq and also expressed concerns about going back to pre-surge levels which some say, again, is just about the status quo.” [CNN, 9/13/07]

APRIL RYAN, AMERICAN URBAN RADIO NETWORKS: And you have people like Republican Congressman Chris Shays, who is very upset with President Bush right now for that. They are saying there should be a deadline and we should be withdrawing troops once a month. This is a Republican congressman, not a Democratic congressman. So word is already coming in from the Hill as to the dislike for the president`s statements tonight. .” [CNN, 9/13/07]

“you said you could not find a republican who wanted president bush to give this speech. Why? Well, I think Republicans, many of whom are now critics of this war, were very willing to stand with General Petraeus. . . but the president going on television tonight, he is reminding the American public that this is, of course, the policy of George W. Bush that they are supporting. And this comes from republican presidential candidates as well. They would just as soon that the president had kept quiet and just leave Petraeus’s statements stand for themselves. [CNN 09/13/2007]

David Gergen: “What I do think emerged tonight is what you started with, in that what was new tonight was about this enduring, long-term commitment to Iraq. [CNN 09/13/2007]

CNN 09/13/2007 22:12:00: … “it does present, as you mentioned, obstacles for republicans coming into this presidential election. Your basically going to have a presidential election with large numbers of U.S. forces still on the ground here. Well, that’s the down side of this for Republicans because it’s almost certain now that we’re going to have 100,000 troops or so in Iraq come November of 2008. And that makes — that is a perfect setup for democrats to run not only for the white house, but for the congress saying this party — the Republican party won’t end our war in Iraq. We will. And that’s going to be a powerful argument. [CNN, Anderson Cooper 360, 09/13/2007]

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