Republicans are apoplectic over Craig’s new plans

So Larry’s thinking about sticking around the Senate. That latest development in the Craig scandal has Republicans freaking out. Sure, Larry is looking for vindication. Let’s just say, this also feels like payback. The Minority Leader, Mitch McConnell, publicly chastised Craig last week — and basically forced his resignation. But, now Larry’s fighting back — and blatantly challenging McConnell and his leadership. What changed, one wonders?

Whatever the reason, Craig’s latest move is causing ulcers among the GOP hierarchy tonight:

Just when Republicans thought things could not get much worse for their scandal-stained party, Idaho Sen. Larry Craig leaked word Tuesday night that he is reconsidering his abrupt plan to resign from the Senate in the wake of his arrest in a police sex sting operation.

Top Republican strategists were neither delighted nor amused by the senator’s decision to rethink retirement after pleading guilty to disorderly conduct following his arrest in a Minnesota airport men’s bathroom.

GOP Senate sources said Tuesday night that Craig’s staff was trying to tamp down the story because Craig still intends to resign but wants to retain the option of fighting the charges with a newly assembled, high-powered legal team.

On Saturday, Craig said he would resign at the end of this month.

A senior GOP Senate strategist said Republican leaders want him gone now and will press for him to keep his promise to resign. The strategist warned Craig is “losing any goodwill built up among his colleagues,” adding, “He is simply a fish out of water, floundering right now to get his last gasp of political air.”

“It simply defies reality,” said a Senate GOP aide. “You can’t make this up even if you are heavily medicated. The American people heard from Larry Craig that he would resign and using the word ‘intent’ as a back door doesn’t work with them.”

We can just sit back and watch this one. The fun isn’t over, yet.

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