Oh no, Romney now telling people he’ll be a CEO president

Remember Bush, the first CEO President? That didn’t really work out too well now, did it? Considering how badly American CEO’s are enriching themselves at the expense of others, hmmm, maybe he’s onto something though perhaps he might not want to brag too loudly on this point considering the mood towards CEOs bathing in riches while the rest of us live like, well, the rest of us. On the bright site of his latest pitch, he provides some quality entertainment and I have to give him credit for being able to make this denial while not laughing. Pretty impressive delivery, really.

“I’m not in this race for the next step in my political career. I don’t have a political career, to tell you the truth,” Romney said during a stop at Chapman University. “I’ve only been in politics four years as a governor. I loved the experience, but my life is my wife and my family. My career was building an enterprise, a business, with some other fellows.”

Also of note here is the final line “with some fellows.” Sounds like women will do well trying with a guy like this. What century is he living in? What a knuckle-dragging buffoon.

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