NC Pride 2007 – fundies toot their horn (literally)

Kate and I had a great time at Pride on Saturday. We marched with the Old West Durham Neighborhood Association, my former haunt, which is the host neighborhood for the NC Pride parade.

It was funny — I was recognized by a few folks along the parade route (for the blog). I guess next year I should march with a Pam’s House Blend banner, but it would look kind of silly with just me and a sign, unless I could rustle up a few Blenders to march.

Anyway, we had a few fundie protestors again. It was hilarious. For your amusement, I took some video of the protestors from Operation Save America. They were the truly unhinged amateur hour crowd.

Photos and a short clip of former Village People singer Randy Jones are over at my pad. Talk about a blast from the past…



John’s posted on it, but if you want to read my take on the ENDA dustup, there are posts over at my pad to check out.

On Friday I happened to be in DC at the Out and Equal Workplace Summit — right when the ENDA issue blew up. I was slated to appear on a panel that was relevant to the developments — Workplace Equality in the American Spotlight — so it was definitely apt timing to talk about the issue of trans inclusion with attendees charged with inclusion and diversity in corporate America. My post on the conference is here.

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