Jon Soltz of VoteVets to Rush: Say it to my face

Rush Limbaugh has no idea what he stepped into by denigrating those who actually served our country. We’ve seen a lot of outrage about Rush’s slam on soldiers, but none from Republicans who are protecting the fat ass.

Jon Soltz, who did serve his country and does oppose the Iraq war, has a challenge for Rush. Say it to my face. Anyone who has seen Soltz in action knows this isn’t a fair fight. If you haven’t seen him, check out some of Jon’s debates on the VoteVets’ YouTube channel.

Soltz has a challenge for Rush, which we all know that fat ass will never take:

You weren’t just flat out wrong, you offended a majority of those of us who actually had the courage to go to Iraq and serve, while you sat back in your nice studio, coming up with crap like this.

My challenge to you, then, is to have me on the show and say all of this again, right to the face of someone who served in Iraq. I’ll come on any day, any time. Not only will I once again explain why your comments were so wrong, but I will completely school you on why your refusal to seek a way out of Iraq is only aiding al Qaeda and crippling American security.

Ball’s in your court.

We’re all waiting for that one. And, I know who I’d rather have defend my country. Not Rush.

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