Is Senator Lindsey Graham violating Don’t Ask Don’t Tell?

GOP Senator Lindsey Graham keeps doing reserve duty in Iraq, despite longtime unconfirmed speculation that his sexual orientation might preclude such duty under the Don’t Ask Don’t Tell policy. Why does the military not having a problem with a man who, to me at least, certainly talks like a flaming homosexual risking the unit cohesion of our troops? Because, face it, if I think Lindsey Graham sounds like a flaming gay, then some of our soldiers in Iraq probably do too. And in order to ruin unit cohesion, according to the Republicans who support DADT, all you need is for people to think that you’re gay and thus not want to shower with you, bunk with you, etc. So why haven’t they investigated Lindsey Graham? Or are some pink elephants more equal than others?

[Note from AJ: This post tickled my brain when I read it, like a memory was trying to emerge from long ago. And then it came to me, and I realized that there’s actually a theme song for this subject! Ahh, Dumbo, reminding us just how scary pink elephants can be. Enjoy:]


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