ConAgra to drop fake butter flavor one month before EPA study release

Amazing timing considering the EPA study – yes, EPA and not FDA – has been available to the industry since 2005 since the Big Food industry insisted on reviewing the report before it was released. Diacetyl, the butter flavoring chemical, is believed to be connected to serious lung disease among factory workers and more recently even to at least one consumer.

She said the delay was due to the time needed for scientific peer review and submission to a scientific journal. The research also required industry cooperation, she said, and part of the agreement was that companies got to see the report before it was published to ensure that no trade secrets were violated.

The study will probably be published this month in a “major scientific journal,” Ackerman said, but she would not name the publication.

“No trade secrets were violated”…uh huh. And here I was thinking it had more to do with covering themselves and preparing a legal defense before the study is released, but I must be wrong since they say so.

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