Arnold Schwarzenegger’s lesbian chief of staff, Susan Kennedy, called on to resign

Robin is a long-time lesbian activist. She joined me as a co-founder of, among other ventures.

For Immediate Release
Robin Tyler, plaintiff, California same-gender marriage case, [email protected]


GOVERNOR ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER said today, that he will veto the bill legalizing same-gender civil marriage because 61% percent of California voters favored Proposition 22 in March 2000. Ms. Kennedy agreed with the Governor’s decision using Prop 22 (which only bars California from recognizing same-sex marriages performed outside California), when he used the same excuse to veto the bill in 2005. He says he will never sign this bill. In 1948, if California voters had been allowed to vote on inter-racial marriage when the California Supreme Court struck down the anti-miscegenation law and found in favor of inter-racial marriage, over 72% of the voters would have voted against it.

Even though I, a plaintiff, am going to the California Supreme Court next year, (and the Governor has said he will “abide” by the CA Supreme Court’s decision), I am not only extremely disappointed in the Governor’s lack of courage, but am especially disappointed in Susan Kennedy, his chief of staff, whose “same gender wedding” I attended in Hawaii several years ago.

Since I attended Susan’s wedding, why is she so against attending mine? Both Arnold and Susan know that it is unconstitutional for the majority to deny a minority equal protection under the law. To hide behind that [Prop 22] as an excuse, is cowardly and unforgivable, for both the Governor and especially for Ms. Kennedy, a lesbian. Rather then backing the Governor’s decision with unacceptable excuses, I ask that Ms. Kennedy resign as Chief of Staff. If not, shame on you Susan, to side against your community, and deny civil marriage to your friends.

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