Sweet irony – Freepers mad at O’Reilly, he calls them “sick”

The Freepers are in a tizzy because Billo declared the swamp of Free Republic is a haven of hate speech. “You’ve got some pretty sick people posting,” sayeth O’Reilly about FreeRepublic. Gee, ya think?! From the leader of the Freepi, Jim Robinson:

I’m not going to call Bill O’Reilly a liar… yet, but… on his TV show today, he read off a laundry list of ridiculous “hate” statements like “I hate blacks,” “Hillary should be assassinated” and “homosexuals are dogs” that he said he personally found on Free Republic and claims that they were posted here today. I do not believe that. I doubt that he personally logged on to FR and I doubt he found any such thing posted here today.

Who knows what we may have missed and is buried deep in our archives of millions of posts, but our readers do a pretty good job of alerting us to anything out of bounds that is posted and we pull it.

No, not exactly, Jim. Bill might have made up those pathetic statements, but I have a ton of outlandish, offensive Actual Freeper Quotes stocked up over at my pad, complete with links to the threads. Click here and here for a sampling of the swill. The Pensito Review has rounded up some choice ones as well.

Extreme hatred of gay people:
Homosexuals have a behivior which is based on a sexual fetish. ANYTHING done via civil/marriage unions is just a manipulation to sanction the sexual behavior of a man playing with another mans genitials (and vice versa for two females).

Society has absolutly no reason whatsoever to sanction such sexual recreation. Homosexuality contributes NOTHING to society. ZERO. Society rewards the institution not the individual. Homosexual are only concerned with individual orgasm recreation, not the benefit of society.

A deviant engaging in such behavior is not an ethnic minority, but a deviant, sodomite, queer, fecal-obsessionist, faggot, etc, but certainly not an ethnic minority.

On Rep. Keith Ellison, the first Muslim member of Congress:
Ellison is little more than a pimple on Mohammed’s faggy butt, waiting to be popped by the devil Allah. He is a fine representative of the Democratic Party.

GOP frontrunner Rudolph Giuliani is hated officially:
Are you still here defending that damned liberal RINO scumbag Rudy Giuliani!?! I thought we flushed all the turds that were stinking up this site with their pro-liberal, pro-abortionist, pro-radical gay agenda, pro-gun control, pro-illegal alien stench. If you support Giuliani, then you support all of the above. Don’t like the labels or being associated with them? Then stop supporting a liberal, pro-abortionist, pro-radical gay agenda, pro-gun control, pro-illegal alien, serial adulterer POS for President.

What a touch of class. Lazy O’Reilly obviously didn’t surf much to find actual examples of the filth at FR. Robinson continues…

Also, one of our readers found a couple of the quotes he alleges, and if they are the ones O’Reilly is complaining about, he took them way out of context. They were simply quotes in the articles posted not statements posted by FReepers.

As soon as he provides me a list of the alleged posts and their URLs, I’ll believe him. If he doesn’t… then… well, guess he’ll deserve to be known as what he is.

O’Reilly taking things out of context? A liar? Oh my goodness.

Bonus: Jesus’ General has a letter to Fox’s Roger Ailes about O’Reilly that will have you rolling.

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