Poll: New Jersey voters say make marriage equality the law

This post dovetails nicely with Terrance’s “Civil Unions: Achievable, Not Equal.”

The Garden State legislature, ordered by its high court to either allow gays and lesbians full marriage rights or create civil unions chose the latter, hoping that separate and equal would work. As we know, that hasn’t been the case. A new Zogby poll shows that most New Jersey voters are sure that heterosexual marriage will survive if the civil institution is opened to gay and lesbian couples — and they are ready for that change. From Garden State Equality:

* By 63% to 31%, New Jersey voters say they’d be fine with the state legislature upgrading civil unions to marriage equality.

* By 72% to 21%, New Jersey voters say state legislators would be in no electoral danger if they enacted marriage equality.

* By 61% to 29%, New Jersey voters say they expect the state to enact marriage equality within just a couple of years.

Zogby asked the baseline question – do you favor marriage equality versus civil unions – in two ways. Results are 48% to 45% for marriage equality in one question, 48% to 30% in another.

And a significant 35% of respondents said they would be less likely to do business with a company that denies equal benefits to gay employees. 20% said “much less likely.”

What will Rudy Giuliani say about this, considering he thinks New Hampshire has “gone too far” with civil unions? What if “the people” decide to tell their lawmakers to upgrade those CUs to marriage — is that going too far as well?

One portion of Defense of Marriage Act (the one Hillary Clinton supports retaining), ensures that when you cross state lines, a same-sex marriage could be, depending on what state you’re in: 1) null and void, 2) a domestic partnership, or 3) a civil union, with varying rights and responsibilities (or lack thereof).

From Blue Jersey‘s “Think Equal” campaign.

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