Last night, George Bush’s new best friend, Rep. Brian Baird, met Jon Soltz from VoteVets and a lot of angry constituents

Democratic Congressman Brian Baird won’t soon forget Jon Soltz from VoteVets who showed up at Baird’s Town Hall Meeting last night in Vancouver, Washington — along with a lot of very angry constituents. Rep. Baird went to Iraq recently. Unlike Senator John Warner and many others members of Congress, Baird came back singing the praises of Bush’s escalation. The media loves a turncoat Democrat so Baird’s been whoring himself out to any outlet that would listen — including a lot of right wingers as Think Progress reports.

Josh Feit from the Slog at The Stranger was at Baird’s Town Hall meeting and gave this preliminary account:

[Baird] was hammered by Jon Soltz, the young, good looking, charismatic chairman and co-founder of political action committee Soltz is also an Iraq war veteran, having served in 2003. Speaking calmly and to raucous applause, he said Baird (who recently returned from a visit to Iraq) was fooled “by a dog and pony show” and is unfortunately “providing cover for President Bush.”

Baird didn’t stand a chance against Soltz. Very few do.

Jane Hamsher posted a news clip of the event. Doesn’t look like Baird had a fun evening. But, that’s his own fault.

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