Injured Fort Bragg Iraq Vet booted under DADT

Steve Ralls at The Frontlines reports on Randy Miller, who was injured in Iraq during a parachute jump accident, falling 900 feet, sustaining injuries to his leg and ankle.

Miller’s injuries weren’t what got him booted from the 82nd Airborne — it was because he was turned in by a fellow soldier who reported Miller’s presence in a gay bar to a superior.

In Miller’s case, he said he was in a known gay bar minding his own business when a male soldier made him a sexual proposition, which he rejected. The rejected soldier reported Miller to a superior, and Miller was subsequently called in. He didn’t lie. He admitted he was gay.

With his two-year anniversary in the Army coming up, marking a promotion and pay raise, officials acted swiftly to discharge him. It also meant he had to pay back a sign-on bonus he had already spent because he didn’t fulfill his commitment.

“Going to a gay bar is not grounds for dismissal. It’s unfortunate he made the admission to his commander without legal representation,” said SLDN spokesman Steve Ralls, who was unfamiliar with Miller’s case.

One consequence of his discharge under DADT is that his homosexuality is disclosed on his official Army papers since it is the reason for separation.

Because Miller was discharged under “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell,” his homosexuality becomes public knowledge anytime he applies for a new job because the reason is stated on his Army discharge papers.

“I’ve probably already had some job-related issues. People have refused to call me back,” said Miller, referring to job openings he says he was qualified for since returning home. He has not pursued legal action against those employers, although it is against the law in California to discriminate against a potential employee based on sexual preference.

It’s time for this detrimental policy to end.

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