Good Bye Gonzo

I thought about taking on a different topic, but it seems pretty useless on a day like today. So I thought I’d add my two cents on Gonzalez.

What’s striking to me is how little sadness there is on the right that he is leaving. A quick look over at The Corner shows that most conservatives there view his departure with relief. Michelle Malkin wasn’t upset to seem him go either. A quick blogosphere check shows that most on the right are okay with this decision.

But I wonder why Republicans and wingnuts aren’t angry about Gonzo’s departure. Gonzalez has been radioactive for months now. He became the walking symbol of the Bush Administration’s failures – incompetence, corruption and cronyism (loyalty uber alles).

For him to resign now – after the disastrous appearances on the Hill, after his deceptions, after stubbornly refusing to do so months ago when it could have stemmed the tide – well, it seems like defusing a bomb after it had already gone off. It’s like Rumsfeld all over again.

This departure brings back memories of the phrase, the Mayberry Machiavellis. Bush and friends seem intent on going down hard and taking the GOP with them.

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