Gonzales perjured himself AGAIN to Congress. Do the Dems care? Or have they no backbone?

There’s a general perception in America that Democrats are weak and have no backbone. Democrats can’t be trusted with defense, with our military, with the war on terror because they don’t know how to fight, lack the will to fight. As an acquaintance said to me before the 2004 elections, she hated Bush, but with regards to Kerry said: “He doesn’t defend himself, how is he going to defend my kids?”

So today we find out from the Washington Post that Attorney General Gonzales perjured himself again last month before the Senate Judiciary Committee. The number of times Gonzales has committed this crime – and it is a crime – is heading towards ten or so, if not more.

From today’s Washington Post:

Then-Attorney General John D. Ashcroft was “feeble,” “barely articulate” and “stressed” moments after a hospital room confrontation in March 2004 with Alberto R. Gonzales, who wanted Ashcroft to approve a warrantless wiretapping program over Justice Department objections, according to notes from FBI Director Robert S. Mueller III that were released yesterday.

One of Mueller’s entries in five pages of a daily log pertaining to the dispute also indicated that Ashcroft’s deputy was so concerned about undue pressure by Gonzales and other White House aides for the attorney general to back the wiretapping program that the deputy asked Mueller to bar anyone other than relatives from later entering Ashcroft’s hospital room.

Mueller’s description of Ashcroft’s physical condition that night contrasts with testimony last month from Gonzales, who told the Senate Judiciary Committee that Ashcroft was “lucid” and “did most of the talking” during the brief visit. It also confirms an account of the episode by former deputy attorney general James B. Comey, who said Ashcroft told the two men he was not well enough to make decisions in the hospital.

So what does Judiciary Committee chair Senator Leahy plan to do about it? Hold more hearings? Ooh, scary. We have a criminal as the top law enforcement officer in the land and you people do nothing about it except hold hearings and issue press releases. He has lied to you. He has even lied to you when you asked him about his previous lies. Yet you do nothing. We have a word for people like you. It’s “chump.” You have the power of the purse. You have the power to defund Gonzales 100% if he doesn’t step down. You have the power to defund the US attorney for DC if he won’t file charges. You have the power to impeach Gonzles. But instead you hold hearings. When I worked for Ted Stevens, in the minority in the early 90s, with Clinton as president, we simply moved ahead with plans to cut the budget of a senior agency official who crossed our path. It worked wonders.

No Bush official should give the Democrats the time of day. They should just lie, cheat and steal – break the law when they don’t get their away, and tell the Dems to go to hell. Hell, it’s what the Bushies are already doing, with impunity. Everyone knows the Democrats won’t do a damn thing anyway. So if they’re going to act like chumps, why not play them like chumps? I really think the only way things are going to change in our country is for everyone and everything to hit rock bottom. The Republicans are going to have to destroy our country in order for Democrats to start defending it.

And the Democrats wonder why people label us the party of wimps?

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