Fox calls off next month’s Democratic debate

Of course the Congressional Black Caucus Institute, which co-sponsored the debate with Faux, doesn’t acknowledge the major complaints arising from the blogosphere for the CBCI’s role in lending legitimacy to a biased, racist GOP propaganda newschannel. It’s due to scheduling conflicts. Of course Clinton, Edwards and Obama said long ago that they wouldn’t participate. (Raw Story):

Fox News has canceled a debate of Democratic presidential candidates next month after several candidates dropped out because they said the cable news network would not provide a fair forum, the Associated Press reports. Organizers hope to reschedule the debate.

The top three Democrats seeking the nomination — Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama and John Edwards — already indicated they would not participate in the debate, which is being cosponsored by the Congressional Black Caucus.

A statement from the CBC cites scheduling conflicts and does not mention complaints that had been raised about Fox News serving as host.

How on earth coud the CBCI support a partnership with a network that has allowed patently racist statements to be broadcast unchallenged

Watch this video from Fox Attacks.

Many bloggers, including James Rucker and Color of Change, gave voice to the opposition to this debate, and let the CBC Institute know that this partnership was not only unacceptable, but embarrassing. This is the network that ran the bogus “Madrassa/terrorist” story about Barack Obama, a “newschannel” where Mary Matalin called black civil rights leaders attending Coretta Scott King’s funeral racist, a channel where Faux News host John Gibson called for the birth of more white babies because he’s afraid of the country being overrun with minorities.

That debate won’t be missed.

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