Dear General Petraeus, stop lying about the “surge” – it has nothing to do with Al Anbar province and you know it

As Joe noted below, General Petraeus is still bragging about how the “improvement” in al Anbar province shows how well the surge is going. He’s a liar. The surge isn’t in al Anbar province, it has nothing to do with al Anbar province. And now Petraeus is claiming credit for it? That’s priceless. Then again, from what I hear, Petraeus has a long track record of peddling “good news” even when the news isn’t so good. It’s his schtick, it’s what he does. And it’s gotten him into some trouble before. Don’t forget: Petraeus is the guy who was in charge of training the Iraqi security forces, better known as the Keystone Cops of the Sahara. The training has been a joke. You’ll recall one of the troops in charge of the training said he wouldn’t trust his dog with any of the new security forces, they’re that bad. That soldier said he thinks we’ll have the training completed sometime in the next 40 or 50 years, if ever. That’s General Petraeus’ legacy in Iraq, and now he’s in charge of telling us how great everything is going. Priceless.

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