Christian boot camped charged dragging teen girl behind truck

I’ve done a lot of research on these Christian boot camps. They’re horrendous. The ones located just across the border, out of reach of American laws, are even worse. While I’m sympathetic to the idea of a book camp for kids who may need a good kick in the butt, these groups are horror stories. Kids doing death marches. Kids getting multiple tropical diseases at once and the camps doing nothing about it. Absolutely horrendous. Oh yeah, these same camps often treat gay youth to “cure” them. 30 mile runs and multiple tropical diseases to cure gay youth. It’s inhuman. More here.

NOTE FROM PAM: Charles Eugene Flowers, the head of San Antonio-based camp (Love Demonstrated Ministries), refers to himself as “the commandant.” BTW, the camp has been hailed in the past by the White House Office on Faith-Based and Community Initiatives.

One of the coalition partners, Love Demonstrated Ministries (LDMI), is a faith-based organization which focuses on youth offenders, gang members, and high risk youth. Over the past three years, 135 of 165 young offenders entering its Life Skills and Parenting Camp have graduated from LDMI, a success rate of 82 percent.

Tying a girl to a van with a rope then dragging her for falling behind the group during a morning run — is that part of the “success”?

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