Cheney tries (unsuccessfully) to shrug off 1994 remarks about Iraq

Remember that 1994 video of Darth saying what a disaster Iraq would be if we invaded Baghdad (“How many additional dead Americans is Saddam worth?”):


A CBS affiliate called the Dark Lord’s office about the matter, and this was the response:

“He was not Vice President at the time, it was after he was Secretary of Defense,” a spokesperson told CBS 5 San Francisco. “I don’t have any comment.”

But then there’s this bit of business unearthed by Think Progress that makes it even more difficult for the VP to blow off those remarks – Cheney reiterated his position again in August of 2000 on Meet the Press as Bush’s VP nominee:

CHENEY: I don’t, Tim. It was–and it’s been talked about since then. But the fact of the matter is, the only way you could have done that would be to go to Baghdad and occupy Iraq. If we’d done that, the U.S. would have been all alone. We would not have had the support of the coalition, especially of the Arab nations that fought alongside us in Kuwait. None of them ever set foot inside Iraq. Conversations I had with leaders in the region afterwards — they all supported the decision that was made not to go to Baghdad.

They were concerned that we not get into a position where we shifted instead of being the leader of an international coalition to roll back Iraqi aggression to one in which we were an imperialist power, willy-nilly moving into capitals in that part of the world taking down governments. So I think we got it right, so suppose it’s one of those things that’ll be debated for some time. But I thought the decision was sound at the time, and I do today. [Meet the Press, 8/27/00]

The lying out of this White House is non-stop and shameless. But hey — who’s holding them accountable?

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