Tony Snow: “In Washington, things get leaked all the time”

Nice. Snow just said this live during a press conference. So after four years of pretending that this case mattered, that this crime mattered, that this leak mattered, the White House is now suggesting that leaking the name of an undercover CIA agent for political gain is business as usual in Washington, DC. Watch the video below, it quickly becomes clear that the White House’s new position on this crime is that it wasn’t a big deal – and they’re not saying that Scooter lying wasn’t a big deal, rather, they’re now saying that outing a CIA agent wasn’t a big deal. That’s a new tack for this administration, and it’s quite serious and scary. No one in national security circles would think that leaking the name of an undercover CIA agent was no big deal, was business as usual, or was just like what reporters do every day (see Snow’s last comment in the video for that gem).

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