O’Reilly’s Markos-destroying scoop? A picture of Lieberman fixing George Bush’s zipper.

The “big scoop” that FOX News’ Bill O’Reilly was going to reveal last night, the photo that he found on the DailyKos blog that was going to “destroy” Markos utterly and totally? It’s a doctored photo of Joe Lieberman fixing George Bush’s zipper. I’ve seen this photo before, it’s mildly amusing. But for O’Reilly to bill this as a shocker that the audience isn’t going to believe, something so outrageous that it is going to “destroy” Daily Kos, is the kind of totally unmerited bluster that you’d expect from a desperate first year journalism student, not from a wannabe-major network. To say that there is no “there, there” is an understatement.

I’m posting this to show you, to show the real journalists who read our site, the kind of thing that passes for “news” on FOX. Not that it would shock anyone that FOX is simply yellow journalism at its worst, but still it’s useful to be reminded in glaring detail just how silly and pathetic FOX’s standards truly are.

Let me remind you again. O’Reilly’s own Web site contained death threats against Hillary Clinton, suggestions that someone ought to launch a terror strike against the US Capitol, a death wish against Rosie O’Donnell, slurs against Muslims (including calling Islam a cult), and more. But that’s okay. What’s REALLY hateful isn’t all of that, it’s a picture of Joe Lieberman fixing George Bush’s zipper.

Bill-o just jumped the shark.

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