NYT editorial writes about “practicing homosexuals”

Are they high?

Practicing homosexuals“?

Why not just call us “faggots” and put away any pretense of fairness. In what possible universe does the NYT, of all publications, think that the term “practicing homosexuals” is somehow acceptable? Put aside for a moment that the term homosexual as a noun is unacceptable, but “practicing”? Practicing what, pray tell?

The media has slipped back into the old of ways of subtle bigotry when reporting on gay issues, even when the report is positive on its face. The Washington Post reported on gay pride this year in DC, they showed a picture of some guy with his ass hanging out of a pair of leather pants with no backside (apparently the PFLAG parents, who got the biggest applause, weren’t nearly as titillating a photo). Thanks, Washington Post. The NYT reports on gay cops in London, they show a picture of drag queens. Why is this a problem? Because it is an intentional effort to depict us as something the public will find outrageous, and probably distasteful. I don’t have a problem with drag queens, I love drag queens; I do, however, have a problem with guys wearing assless chaps in public (I wouldn’t take my mother to these parades, and that bothers me). But pride parades are not all drag queens or all inappropriately dressed guys. And injecting drag queens into stories about London cops is simply bizarre.

Once upon a time, the media would always use a picture or video of a drag queen (or naked guys) when covering any gay issue – as if gay parents, gay children, gay married couples didn’t exist. They always gravitated to the image that was the exception, rather than the rule – the image that would shock, rather than the image that is more representative of the community at large. And now they’re doing it again. And regardless of YOUR thoughts on drag queens and naked guys running around in public, many in the public finds these images outrageous and distasteful and THAT is why the media is running with these images, in order to shock, Jerry Springer style, not to inform.

But practicing homosexuals? Seriously, are you people high?

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